Karen Lukacs

TRANSFORMING reclaimed textiles into limited edition collections of sustainable eco fashion. One at a time. One of a kind.

The Karen Lukacs label is a collection of bespoke and limited edition fashion and accessories. Timeless pieces are created using any combination of recycled garments and secondhand clothing, fabric salvage, out-of-style leather garments, and jewelry findings. These creations are truly sustainable Eco Fashion. Using a combination of handcrafting techniques and modern design sensibility, the upcycled fashions are classic and timeless. The quality is consciously durable. Each piece is made to last a long timeā€¦another nod to sustainable Eco Fashion.


I create one-of-a-kind collections of fashion and home accessories that are truly sustainable. Using traditional handcraft techniques; limited editions of bags, fashion, and accessories for the home are created from secondhand clothing and salvage materials.