Karen Lukacs, Sustainable Fashion Designer

TRANSFORMING reclaimed textiles into limited edition collections of Sustainable Eco Fashion. Individually handcrafted: One at a time. One of a kind.

As a Sustainable Fashion Designer, I choose to remain local for the resources and materials of my craft. Transient fashion provides an abundance of available goods. These reclaimed garments are imbibed with their own stories, and deserving of more than part of a landfill blight, or polluting another culture’s landscape.

It’s a personal mission  to transform these reclaimed garments, these textiles into a new story. It is my intention that this new story should last far out into generations.

There’s a randomness in using rescued garments and textiles which sets forth a uniqueness inherent within each piece. The process begins intuitively, with a curiosity that begets inspiration. It’s more about the possibilities than what it once was. It’s about artistic experimentation and couture heritage. This process calls upon patience and determination to try, try again for an ever-so-rewarding end result.

This meditative and contemplative process matters as much to me as the end result. Herein I am connected to the heritage of craft, the skill sets inherent in working with textiles, and a freedom for my own interpretation of the given. I am indebted to my teachers for that knowledge of process.

Through my work, I hope to convey my belief in the importance of innovation, quality workmanship, thoughtful design, cultural preservation and of people making things with their hands.