TRANSFORMING reclaimed textiles into limited-edition collections of Sustainable Eco Fashion. Each piece is individually handcrafted: One at a time. One of a kind.

Passionate about my commitment to sustainability, most all resources and materials for my work are hand-selected locally. The plethora of transient fashion and  throw-away consumerism provide a seemingly limitless inventory of goods. I choose every textile for its material character, its unique story, its potential and inspiration.

As a designer/maker, I work to collage the stories of what once was, and create new beginnings, new stories. This mindful process begins intuitively, embracing the randomness and limitations inherent in working with reclaimed/discarded garments. The restrictions of each garment’s offering stretches inventiveness and imagination. My process is artistic experimentation on the endless possibilities over what once was.

This method of creating, this process matters as much to me as the end result. It is herein that I’m connected to a learned heritage of craft, to my love of working in textiles and the freedom to express my own interpretations. I am indebted to my teachers for the understanding of that particular magic of process.

Through my work, I hope to convey my aesthetic belief in the importance of innovation, quality workmanship, thoughtful design, and the cultural preservation of people making things with their hands. My outreach is to those who share an ethos for quality, sustainable fashion with the imprint of the maker.