Happy to be a Founding Member of AZ Sustainable Fashion, a platform connecting individuals such as myself, who practice, promote and share the many aspects of sustainable fashion in Arizona.

Our purpose:raise awareness of sustainable fashion.
Our mission: raise awareness and make sustainable fashion more accessible.

Here’s our little story on how AZ Sustainable Fashion started:

Neha Purohit serves as the POC for Revolution Week – Southwest (AZ, UT, NV, and NM). Recently, Neha was also recruited by Remake to be part of their Global Ambassador team for AZ.

In December 2018, Neha was selected to be one of the 25 leaders worldwide for the Wear It Wise campaign by Net Impact. For this, we created AZ Sustainable Fashion. Thus far, we have already conducted a few events including, clothing swaps, presentations, and panel discussions. We have new events coming up all the time, so check them out!

Find more info at AZ Sustainable Fashion and Join the Movement!