March 26-28, 2018

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

3 full-day course and catered lunch $900

This course is aimed at those with knowledge of sewing and constructing garments and fashion professionals wanting to explore new paths in design development: to break through conventional approaches and learn a new way of handling fabrics.

Working directly onto a dress form, Berlin-based Christine Mayer teaches how to drape and stitch artfully; creating original garments with a second-skin fit. Her unique draping style opens new perspectives and shapes of recycled parts which wouldn’t be conceivable by conventional cutting development.

This fresh and liberating way of making clothes brings with it a new set of rules having more in common with sculpting than traditional dress making. Christine carefully identifies and guides each participant’s individual potential, and helps each participant find a new expression in their own creative work. Under her guidance, it won’t take long to understand the principles of working three-dimensionally, and enjoy the process of allowing your garments to evolve.

Recycled garments offer endless possibilities of transformation into new designs and products.  Christine has built her fashion career on re-purposing clothing and breathing new life into old garments. She’s a pioneer of three-dimensional free draping, an art form adapted and developed from her studies in classical Japanese drapery. For those who are interested in working with upcycled garments, this course is a must!

Course Director: Designer Christine Mayer lives and works in Berlin. Her label, MAYER. Peace Collection, is known worldwide for collections that break boundaries between art and fashion. Christine’s been written up in Selvedge Magazine (who also host Christine’s workshops in France), and Sass Brown’s Re-Fashioned: Cutting Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials, to name a few. Christine shares her knowledge and skills with those wanting to give their own creativity a new direction.

Christine Mayer teaches teachers and students at international fashion schools and conducts creative courses in USA, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

3 full-day course and catered lunch $900
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