Sustainability is about keeping things from the landfill, rescuing discarded garments and textiles. Sustainable fashion is about using what is already. It’s about making new from old, and making it to last.

The Denim Collection Tattoo Jackets begin with rescued denim jackets. For whatever reason, they’ve been discarded. After a thorough , clean and repair session, the creative process begins.

Each element for the jackets is selected from my textiles resources. I’m looking for the story with these snippets, a story that the wearer can then expand and make their own.

Using a medley of handcraft skills and technology, the design story takes shape. Layers of t-shirts are reverse appliqued to create new, unique textiles. Iconographic images are clipped from other garments and stitched in unexpected places. The story begins to form.

Durability and comfort are key components in the making of these artisan garments. This collection of Tattoo Jackets from the Denim Collection is designed and constructed to be worn and reworn, sold and resold, heirlooms for generations.