Red, White & Blue Americana Flag Pillow



Salvaging discarded flag tshirts and transforming them into comfy pillows.


Sustainable design. Upcycling at its finest: One at a time. One of a kind.

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This unique Americana Flag Pillow is made from a t-shirt that had the flag graphic. It was cleaned and refreshed and is now layered onto a swatch of sueded upholstery material for a one-of-a-kind home decor accessory

Eco Fashion for the home: OOAK pillow handmade from locally sourced, upcycled clothing.

Details for this Americana Flag Pillow:

18″ square Pillow cover only, form not included.

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TRANSFORMING reclaimed textiles into limited edition collections of Sustainable Eco Fashion: One at a time. One of a kind.

The Karen Lukacs label is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, limited run editions, and custom commissions of handcrafted fashion and accessories.

Timeless pieces are created using any combination of recycled garments, second-hand clothing and fabric salvage. Many of the pieces are also created using jewelry findings. Handcrafting techniques and modern design sensibility are employed for consciously durable quality construction. Each piece is designed and shaped to last a long time.

This is Sustainable Eco Fashion.